Aloha [your name here]!

So finally! Our destinies have brought us together. And for a greater purpose , I am sure.

My name is Akshat Jain and this blog( Akshat-is-here) is my treasure chest of information open for the world to dig into.


Why should YOU read this blog?

Good question!

There is a difference between a tourist and a traveler. And if you consider yourself a traveler in a journey through life, let me be your guide.

This blog will show you:

  1. The coolest ways to explore the art of travelling
  2. Places and adventures that will take you out of your comfort zone (that’s where the magic happens, they say)
  3. Tips and tricks to make your escapades more sorted .
This hand symbol represents compassion

Hand gesture for compassion.

I like Buddhist philosophy, and it is believed , practicing compassion leads you to  Nirvana(>Heaven!) .Through this blog if my  experiences in this life helps even a single person(that might be  YOU amigo!), the purpose of doing this would be fulfilled.

They say life is short… but then its the longest thing you ll ever do. So let’s make most of it.

Awake, arise and assert yourself.

Do your thing!!



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